2017 London Chess Classic: Round 9

The final leg of the Grand Chess Tour pits ten of the world’s best players against each other in London. Catch the move-by-move in this final round with GMs Yasser Seirawan, Cristian Chirila, Maurice Ashley, and WGM Jen Shahade.



  1. Fabi won! Fuck yes! As a Fabi fan, this is the most gratifying win since his record at the Sinquefield cup 14'

  2. it says it's 9 hours but it is only 4, starts from the middle… how can I see the rest? @Saint Louis Chess Club

  3. I'm not unhappy that this is trending. It gave me a good chuckle.

  4. Congratulations to the producers of this broadcast, who made it so fun to watch. I felt like I was watching the last round of the Masters golf tournament. This was really high quality sports coverage. Much love from Kenya enjoy the holidays & see you in 2018

  5. wonder what happened to Shelby lyman- did fantastic commentary for pbs. in '72 and '78. Yasser talks too softly-barely audible most times- and he just gabs and gossips. Jennifer is a note-worthy young woman who is not only a champion (national) chess player but also outstanding poker player but Yasser gives her little to work with. jennnifer and Shelby would be a much more interesting combo. Shelby was informative and kept it interesting but this commentary is awful. a major tournament and nothing but gossipy yak-yak. go find Shelby lyman. peace

  6. 1:54 Yasser is asked to defend his definition of a double attack. He is wrong. Only the attacking piece/pawn can make, in the accepted definition, the double attack. To add to a threat that exists with a single additional attack is not the same thing.


  8. This is the type of stuff that should definitely be trending

  9. The still beats all the leftist SJW bullshit and lame YouTubers that brain dead teenage girls go ape shit over that YouTube insists on shoving down our throats on the trending page.

  10. Thanks for a great broadcast, please get a better viewing angle for the live chess.

  11. Who else came here cause they thought it said "2017 London Chest Classic: Round 9"?

  12. Thank you again, team, for even-handed great commentary and coverage. And nice job, Magnus, for sticking it out despite feeling like shit, giving a gutsy interview after a tough loss yesterday, going on to win the Grand Tour. And Fabio winning London, nice! Congratulations…hope you get to play Magnus!

  13. Sorry, but Christian shouldn't rely so much on his engine. It's annoying, just give some decent commentary and don't be so stubborn about the engine evals. Practicality in chess is real, it's how Carlsen wins a lot of games. Annoying, even more so than in previous Grand Chess Tour installments.

  14. Congrats to Mr. SuperCarlsen! He hasn't been under 2800 since November 2009.
    His stability on top is never before seen. He can drop a game here and there against top 20, but none of the others can stay above 2800 for very long.
    He simply is the greatest.

  15. as to 'G.Dude's' comment about Jennifer Shadade, you can lust after her all you wish and demean her as you will but Jennifer Shahade is a 2-time national champion, has a high rating and has also written 2 books. She attended an advice-placement high school (admission percentage is 3%) and also is an accomplished poker player. Give credit where due (I'm no feminist!!!) but Jennifer has accomplished quite a bit. But these sit and chat conversations that are supposed to pass for analysis are not bringing out her chess knowledge at all. Yasser is awful. As far as 'G'Dude's' lusting over her chest is concerned, yes, very impressive. Quite a woman. But get another host- where's Shelby Lyman?

  16. WATCHED THE WHOLE THING. subscribe.

  17. 4:56:02 Jen Shahade erroneously compares Magnus Carlsen, the undisputed #1 in chess, with Serena Williams who, as John McEnroe was quoted as saying, is probably around #700 in the world in tennis. In fact, it would even be unfair to compared Serena Williams to Hou Yifan as Yifan can and does compete with some male competition and is at least in the top 100 in her sport. Grow up Jen! Stop pandering to the social justice warriors and the mindless PC crowd. If you want to get good at poker some day, you're going to need to learn how to be objective and honest and not let your feminist motivations contaminate the facts.

  18. to reply to comment made by a degenerate going by the name 'david wilson', Jennifer Shahade is a former 2-time national champion winning the junior championship in 2002 and the senior title in 2004 and that adds up to 2. maybe you should have paid attention back in second grade or at least attended school instead of making and eating mudpies. Yes, she is not ranked in the top 100 but her ranking is over 2300 which ain't bad and is about 2400 points higher than your i.q. she wrote 2 books and co-authored a third and if you don't like them, that's your right but she did write them and they did sell well. if you happen to think that she won championships when the competition was easier, that's also your right but your argument is with the chess federation and I'm sure that they will rescind any championship that they awarded and you don't approve of-they usually do cater to uneducated name-calling imbeciles and homosexuals. Your own chess accomplishments compared to Jennifer's? And as far as calling me names is concerned, why are you telling me what your mother's maiden name was- 'Miss Idiot'? and evidently you've inherited the name and are turning it into a family tradition. At least 'G.Dude' lusted after Jennifer's breasts. It's obvious that you are a homosexual that lusts after Yasser instead so go and dream of Yasser naked while the rest of us give credit to Jennifer Shahade who has actually done something, Mr. David Idiot Wilson. ta ta and peace to all even imbeciles who dream of bedding their own mothers

  19. What's going on with her nipple area? It's really distracting, I wonder how nobody checked her dress before the show and went "whoa hold on a minute!" xD

  20. I have to ask, is Wesley So perchance gay? I'm getting that vibe.

    IT DOESN'T MEAN I'M GAY!!!!!!11 xD

  21. Where's the money in chess coming from? I mean I enjoy watching chess, but is there really such a large paying audience for these games that they can finance hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money? Genuine question, no troll.

  22. Disgusting how blatantly biased the commentators were towards Fabiano at the end. Honestly fucking pathetic.

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