2017 London Chess Classic: Round 7

The final leg of the Grand Chess Tour pits ten of the world’s best players against each other in London. Catch the move-by-move with GMs Yasser Seirawan, Cristian Chirila, Maurice Ashley, and WGM Jen Shahade.



  1. I absolutely hate this Cristian Chirila guy. He's so arrogant it's nauseating. He's standing there pretending to be coming up with all these ideas when in reality he's just mindlessly looking at the engine lines and trying to pass them off as his own analysis, just as any 1600 player could do. I would LOVE to see this guy try analyzing WITHOUT the engine running, for once in his life, as Yasser does every day.

  2. Everybody hates on the engine guy 😅

  3. If Nepo gets this he'll certainly have earned it. Closes vs Magnus and MVL.

  4. Solution for draws…2.5 points for a win, 1 for draw and .5 for a lose..so you gotta try and win or else you’ll fall behind with draws.

  5. You need courage in order to win in this high category tournament. Ian just pulled it out. Adams and Aronian just missed some opportunities in this round. Luck is also a factor. Just an opinion.

  6. 19:04 Cristian predicts Caruana to beat So.

    25:25 Cristian predicts Caruana and So to draw.

  7. Does anyone know the name of the orchestral track at the very begining of this video? It only plays for about 40 seconds… and Shazam is not picking it up accurately! Would be eternally grateful if someone could discover! Thanks.

  8. Can't the baby oven go one session without vomiting feminist crap?

  9. Easy fix for the many draws, give the winner 1.5 pts instead of 1.0. Done.

    (yes I realize this would be the same as the soccer system with 1 pt for a draw and 3 pts for a win, and 0 pts for a loss)

  10. 4:00:30 Can somebody explain what the production was thinking here, showing a board where somebody (is it Yasser?) is in a desperate struggle to catch up to the position and plays Ian is talking about? xD For the love of God just keep it on Maurice and Ian and let them handle it..!

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