2017 London Chess Classic: Round 6

The final leg of the Grand Chess Tour pits ten of the world’s best players against each other in London. Catch the move-by-move with GMs Yasser Seirawan, Cristian Chirila, Maurice Ashley, and WGM Jen Shahade.



  1. Jesus Fucking Christ, Naka can't beat Carlsen even when he is up by a piece.

  2. Where is the beginning of the day? Starts with two games having been finished.

  3. Really pounding on the draw thing huh? Enough already… not selling any more tickets by grinding on the players.

  4. Thanks for showing real-time at the same time as analysis. That is especially useful if blitz. 🙂

  5. Someone please teach Seirawan how to pronounce Fabi's name! LOL


  7. A Different Video Of A Banana EveryDay says:

    naka u really have disappointed me i feel like am the one who has lost it i really wanted carlsen to loose

  8. Everybody who played in a rated chess tournament should try to empathise with Naka. And surely it was not an easy endgame unless u r sitting in confines of your home, sipping coffee , watching passively and taking solace in the gm's commentary and engine evaluation.

  9. This Naka/Carlson game should be labelled 'Choke of tne Century'

  10. Cristian Chirila absolutely SUCKS! He's a pretentious and arrogant little pecker who acts like he's a super GM when in reality he probably couldn't even beat Jennifer Shahade. The guy acts like he thinks he's ready for the GCT, yet he's not even in the top 400 and wouldn't quality to be the coffee boy for the Grand Chess Tour!

  11. when the players analyze other games, please turn off engines.

  12. Why isn't this televised? The commentary is riveting, the production value is high quality and the cast make such a great team. Thanks again for so many hours of entertainment.

  13. I like Jenifer's observation about how it's amazing that someone loves chess so much that they're looking at the big picture rather than think of how it will affect their personal rating.

  14. This feminist broad is tiresome. I struggle watching this because of her. She adds nothing to the program.

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