2016 London Chess Classic: Round 6

The London Chess Classic is the final leg of the 2016 Grand Chess Tour. Join GMs Yasser Seirawan, Alejandro Ramirez, Maurice Ashley, and IM Tania Sachdev for the move-by-move in this round robin event.



  1. Tanya's an excellent commentator. She knows the game, her enthusiasm is infectious, she has a nice rapport with Yasser, and she clearly delights in chess. A great find by St. Louis Chess and Rex Sinquefield. Kudos. Once thing–I'm a 2300 but still have trouble following Tanya (and it's not just Tanya) when she rattles off a string of moves: "d4cd4h3h4c5e5" is all well and good, but when said without drawing a breath or giving the slightest pause, it's unnecessarily difficult to follow. Please keep your listeners in mind. The best way to think about delivering information that might be a bit difficult to follow if rattled off is, "help your listener." Give a slight pause between moves. Think about bracketing them in pairs: d4, cd4. h3, h4. c5, e5. Help your listener. Many thanks.

  2. What happened to the livestream? Also, not sure who I was talking to but I recently found an old trophy from a local tournament. I was just wondering if I had any data and what my rating used to be.

  3. Topalov seemes to always be the worst of the best.

  4. how does giri turn winning situations in a draw? Fascinating..
    whats he afraid of

  5. Look at Kramnik, and look at Topalov. Kramnik is a true world champion. Veselin Topalov is just a piece of shit.

  6. thumbs up for Anand!: "when is he going to win a game" – guess who

  7. Ugh day 6 of Tanya. 10 minutes in my ears hurt. Talks too much, interrupts, doesn't listen to lines already explained, comes up with dumb ideas that get refuted all the time. Seriously you producers should be fired for allowing this continue. I will leave a message about this every damn game, because she's that bad. Other then that fantastic coverage, and commentary.

  8. Fantastic chess from Wesley So!! And from Fabi!!

  9. I think, it was actually really nice of Veselin Topalov to analyse the game, even though he lost so convincingly. I hope he has great 3 games.

  10. Stupid in 3:38:50 the check for metals when there are no metal computers using graphene.

  11. b4 to close any nakamura chances was better than Nf5. Caruana is next WC

  12. Seirawan drives one nuts with his persistent mis-pronunciation "Cariuana".

  13. Who's that beauty girl behind Nakamura right side shoulder.. she was at some of the other games on cam too.

  14. Topalov is kind of a hero for going down like this so many games. He is an ex- world champion and an adult, and there are kids out there with these types of disappointments in life.. I can say I've had a few embarrassing results .. when I played little league baseball in 8th grade I went 0-27 or something at the plate.. the awkward thing too was that I actually was good, but each game and each plate appearance put me more on tilt. I also at the first game broke my foot and didn't realize it until after it was healed maybe a year later when the doctor noted it. I knew exactly what it was because I fouled a ball off my foot the first game and broke it, and it caused me to limp for at least a few weeks, and not be able to put pressure on it. The very first game too I had a great line drive up the left field and the short stop made a leaping catch to stop it.. otherwise that would have changed everything for me.. from that point, mostly terrible, because I had no positive mentor to stop the tumble.. Also someone else on my team who was also good started off 1-20 or something.. and it's just hard to recover.. I've never played baseball since.

  15. Yasser etc will bring up and discuss an idea, then 2 minutes later Tania will mention the exact same thing again as if it wasn't even mentioned. Gets old pretty quick.

  16. very poor background…?
    thought Vishy Anand learned first chess in that country

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