2016 London Chess Classic: Round 4

The London Chess Classic is the final leg of the 2016 Grand Chess Tour. Join GMs Yasser Seirawan, Alejandro Ramirez, Maurice Ashley, and IM Tania Sachdev for the move-by-move in this round robin event.



  1. Why the sudden start? is this only part of it?

  2. Maybe he can get sponsored by Minutemaid.

  3. Anish must have been getting a little annoyed at that camera man 14:34 just sticking a camera in his face for almost a minute

  4. great conversation between Lawrence and Maurice!

  5. In the schedule the kings growing out of the shoulders of the players look very ugly. Looks like Zaphod Beeblebrox in the old BBC-series.

  6. which program is used by GM Ramirez?

  7. Yasser seemed a bit prickly today. Looks like Tania is starting to wear on him.

  8. what is the similarity between Alejandro and Maurice?neither of them use a comb!!!

  9. Love the coverage, but someone please teach Yasser how to pronounce Caruana's name. LOL. It's not Cariuana….

  10. It seems like topalov and nakamura was having an argument after the game.

  11. In 3:46:20 look Anish Giri vibratin for several minutes. He does it to disturb the opponent?

  12. In 4:43:54 that guy sleeping on the middle of the screen. Come on, people in London doesn't sleep at night?

  13. I have a great compromise to the issue over how many games.. classic vs blitz vs rapid etc. I totally appreciate what Yasser is saying and I think chess needs to stay true to itself.
    Separately you can put in additionally funding into blitz and rapid championships and make those events more televised (Maybe there should be a playoff knockout bracket instead of just the current ladder variation.. so that the top 4 players out of the current format end up in a semi final and final match set of blitz/ rapid games.. that could be really exciting) Invest more in those and see how they do.. keep classical, classical, and I think people can appreciate it more like Golf??? How about that one. We can keep talking fast age and digital, but I don't think taking a chess game and competing with those new fast age events will ever be a winning line. The kids into that can watch the blitz/ fast time controls who like Eric Hansen etc, and then it will make the classical format even more special.

  14. Hahaaaa this at least the second time Hikaru and Maurice have met around the restroom it seems 1:58:00. A VERY interesting subplot to the tournament

  15. How is it possible an opposing player has not punched Nakamura in the face for his continual feinting towards pieces, almost touching them then jerking his hand back as if burned on a stove? It's clearly meant to distract and annoy. It's the mannerism of a 12 year old. In every chess club I've ever been in this would have been permitted about twice, he would have been told to knock off the crap, then, the next time he pulled it his opponent would have gone over the table at him. An entertaining prospect, i admit, but that this is allowed in the highest level chess is extraordinary.

    I used to admire Nakamura but between this childishness and his cheating wrt the touch move rule last year, he's become one of the most unpleasant presences on the Tour. Actually, the only unpleasant presence on the Tour. I'm optimistic his invitation next year will be reconsidered.

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