2016 London Chess Classic: Round 1

The London Chess Classic is the final leg of the 2016 Grand Chess Tour. Join GMs Yasser Seirawan, Alejandro Ramirez, Maurice Ashley, and IM Tania Sachdev for the move-by-move in this round robin event.



  1. SPOILER Who would have thought that Hikaru would have won the tournament after this starting round.

  2. Yasser, Alejandro, Maurice, and Tania! Great team!

  3. Good advice from Topalov about playing in tournaments.

  4. You should add a sticks in the timeline when the game starts and in the timecontrols. I'm a fan Ben Simmons!

  5. My picks are Kramnik and Wesley So – the chess equivalent of Yoda and Luke Skywalker.

    Use the force, gentlemen, and save the galaxy!

  6. LOL the girl commentator instantly hating life, after the camera shys away 1:35:39

  7. This whole opening ceremony where they clap as each grandmaster walks to the stage and sits on his chair is so pointless!.

    hope they dont plan on showing this part every single day.

  8. Would love to see Daniel King and Maurice Ashley commentate again, greatest chess commentators in chess history bar none . love this though great job guy's.

  9. "That's not silly, that's the English opening!!!"

    Feed goes out

  10. Carlsen isnt there because… he just dont want or something else?

  11. would there be a possibility for a tournament this caliber in the Philippines?

  12. Great commentary by the team ….enjoy watching 👍

  13. I liked seeing Adams and Aronian talking to each other over the board after the game. They both seem like such interesting, decent, nice guys.

  14. Please get rid of Tania. She's probably a great person, intelligent Chess player, but that voice is not for commentating. I can't listen to her for an extended period of time, and she's a typical women just loves to hear herself talk. Ugh shut up please

  15. help guys !!! , if Nakamura d ont make that blunder of the kngiht , what he should move ????,

  16. Hikaru does a blunder and they then show a "Happy Birthday" card lol in 46:30

  17. If you are father in Formula 1 you losses 2 tenths of a second is said. In chess Anish Giri is going to loss now 0.2 in eval???

  18. On Yasser Birthday remember giving him a DVD or a USB full of bagpipe music.

  19. Tania is amazingly good too…though I miss Jennifer..I do prefer having Maurice being the main analyst too..well GM Ramirez is good too

  20. the 'very human move' by tania on 2:34 is very comical..haha

  21. At 1:44:37 Instead of taking the queen with bg5, couldn't Nakamura play something like qd2-e3, which would force Wesley to play qd8-bg5? Then the queens trade with the black knight taking on g5. Then white, though down a bishop, can continue with his development and castle. This gives him a much better chance, does it not? Also I am sorry if this is incomprehensible, I am not familiar with chess annotations.

  22. White olay rook f3 and win
    Las blancas ganan jugando torre 3 alfil

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