15 Min Chess #26 with Live Comments – Sicilian Dragon Classical Variation

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  1. Maybe he thought you were giving up after Bxf7.

  2. Objectively thinkink it's perfectly ok to make also german commentary from time to time as there are probably many germans who don't understand english. No, i'm not german ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wish i could play safe positional chess great lesson.

  4. Why wasn't c3 considered as a way to block the knight from b4 or d4?

  5. I just subscribed. These video's are incredible!

  6. I was thinking. What about instead of 18…e5 black just take the knight on d3 and after 19.cxd3 Nd4 with doubling the rooks on the d-file. If 20.Bf3 than he takes on f3 an also double rooks with pressure on d3 and eventualy c4 pawn. Later black can play e5-e4 ???? Thx

  7. you are lucky man, because he played 27…Qd4(crushing mistake). and what if 27…Qe5.? so, there would be absolutely equal position and your time too little than him.

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