10 Ultimate TRICKS in the Vienna Opening | Vienna Gambit – Chess Traps, Strategies, Moves & Ideas

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Looking for the ultimate chess opening to win fast with White? Look no further than the Vienna Chess Opening! In this video, we’ll teach you the most effective opening tricks, traps, strategies, and tactics to crush your opponent in style. Whether you’re a beginner looking for an easy-to-learn opening or a seasoned player looking for a new weapon, the Vienna Gambit is a must-know. We’ll cover everything from basic concepts to advanced moves & ideas, giving you the tools you need to dominate the chess board from move one. Don’t miss out on this essential chess lesson – watch now and start crushing your opponents with one of the best chess openings – the Vienna system! We’ll look at all the main variations of the Vienna – Vienna Gambit Accepted, Vienna Gambit Declined, Vienna Main line, Max Lange Defense, Vienna Hybrid & many more.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Best Chess Opening for White – The Vienna
0:12 Vienna Gambit Setup
0:35 Vienna Gambit Accepted Traps
4:00 Vienna Gambit Declined
4:54 Vienna Gambit – Main line
5:44 About BetterHelp
6:43 Vienna Traps after 2..Nc6
11:48 Chess Puzzle – Can You Solve it?

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  1. Sir ye balck black patti pr jo apke bole hue words aate unki bjh se white pown dikhte ni h sir aap pls isko theek kre

  2. The Puzzle's answer is Qh8+. King is forced to take, and then pawn to g7 check. If Kh7 then we promote with mate. And if Kg8, then we have Bh7+. If King takes, once again we promote with Checkmate. And if Kf7, then Promoting to a Queen is actually another beautiful checkmate.

  3. Bloody hell! 🤣 I'm definitely going to try some of this!

  4. Yeah , it was sweety in fact 😂. So sad…

  5. Very good one . Excellent !! Keep it up 😊

  6. Sacrificing the queen to h8 then push the pawn to g7 then sacrificing the bishop to h7 then promote to queen

  7. Siddharth anand movie making chhod ke chess kabse sikhane laga.

  8. I played this for over 100 matches and only 1 opponent fall for these

  9. Maybe against hard opponent it won't be helpful. But against out regular chess playing friend, it's very good

  10. Gambit is Great but it appers you are also in Haste to finish off this VDO 1 thanks dear

  11. Solution: Qh8+, Kxh8 forced, g7+, Kg8 forced, Bh7+, if black captures then g8=Q# and if black ignores then still g8=Q#.

  12. Thanks for helping hope it helps for my chess tournament in my school!

    You got a new, Subscriber!!!

  13. bro thanks a lot, i won a international level chess tournament with this

  14. Wow. Looks like every move is "absolutely stunning".

  15. You are the best buddy, in explaining the chess gambits.

  16. Looks to tempting for black and makes it easier for white

  17. Bhai please Hindi Mai bhi dalo video English samjh nahi aati

  18. best move: qh8+ kxh8 g7+ kg8 bh7+ kxh7 g8=Q#

  19. 2:20 my opponent still has his knights and bishops. But still a great opening ❤

  20. sir please dont edit video writeen comentry

  21. बोर्ड पर लिखा हुआ आ जाता है तो खराब हो जाता है

  22. Sac queen , push pawn, check with bishop, them queen mate #

  23. Now I can beat my friends thanks for the traps

  24. 6:51 If you try f4 now, …
    There is this stunning line with:
    (1 e4 e5 2 Nc3 Nc6)
    3 f4! ef 4 Nf3 g5 5 Bc4 g4 6 0-0 gf 7 Q:f3! N:d4 8 B:f7+ K:f7 9 Qh5+ followed by B:f4 and an unstoppable attack. Why didn't you cover this one?

  25. A guy comes across an old friend sitting alone at a restaurant table and lost in thought. After a few minutes of talking, his friend said, "My girlfriend told me that if I take part in this chess tournament, then that's the last straw—she's leaving."

    Concerned, the guy asked, "So what are you gonna do?"

    "Well, 1.e4, of course!"

  26. At 0:44, what if the knight comes to d6? It's not a safe space for him, but if you take he can give check ith a Queen, and then you're in trouble.

    If you don't take but develop your knight, he can just take your other knight for an equal trade and he seems to be ok in that position.

  27. You need to work with your subtitles it is blocking

  28. Hi Jeetandra. I love your videos. And this was really helpful. Thank you for making content like this!

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