10 Chess Tips To CRUSH Everyone

10 Chess Tips to improve, for beginners, intermediate, advanced players, even Grandmasters!

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0:00 Intro
0:51 Q1: Plans with Openings
4:30 Q2: Plans with Imbalances
11:35 Q3: Opponents Mistakes
15:17 Q4: Positional Chess
19:45 Q5: How To Attack
26:13 Q6 and 7: Passive Play
32:34 Q8: Closed Position
37:32 Q9: Learning Openings

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  1. "It's like the 8 pieces of Exodia"

    – a fallen hero, 2021

  2. You are very entertaining thank you for the information brother

  3. Man, thank you!!! You're the Feynman of teaching chess

  4. What should you do when your in a really bad situation

  5. Great video!! Liked it a lot,keeo it up🔥🔥

  6. I have literally been binge watching these videos all the way through since I started up chess again. Have never gotten so much help. Thank you

  7. Thanks for all the help man. My rating has more than doubled since i started watching these videos.

  8. Does the " full house" term mean that the specific area is full of pieces? Another question, is there a mechanism to search through all the comments?

  9. Thank you … I made it to the end … but will use it to recap … again again

  10. Tell me what is stronger than fighting for key squares while always spying for the opponent to accidentally open up development for You . That speaks to genius level bro . Thats been my middle game approach for Quite A while . I am fully aware that in a 2 on 2 defense You come out ahead if the opponent strikes first . I feel like You have to be great to play positional chess one can blunder easily with much to account for . Id love hearing An IM tell me that's good chess . I want to play You I don't play enough online to run my score up I don't have time but I have beat a 1500 + player on chess universe soundly once ( alot of excellent players in that league) and the master Level on my app . I surely would fancy myself an expert With total respect For Your Mastery . Yeah bro I feel safe and sound when they try that side angle garbage giving me the middle quick my vision opens up then . only 3 ways to go at the opponent left right middle controlling the middle will control left and right development generally I would say a blunder can change anything
    I am always searching to find an unbeatable simplicity in the game if there be one

  11. People pogo pogo khelo main v आऊंगा

  12. Levi,a brilliant video! I think you and GM Igor Smirnov are the two best chess instructors here on Youtube! Huge compliments, I subscribed!

  13. cant remember the last time i watched a video from beginning to end. Very helpful video man

  14. 💪😬💪 thank you so much. i've been watching you like 24×7 for a month, have improved a lot but i still make same mistakes again and again. hopefully now i can reach somewhat like 1200

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!!

  16. Im a new subscriber, binge watching all ur content. I just love ur personallity and learnt a lot from watching u so far. Much love from Sweden!

  17. "If you just absentmindedly throw a knight at your opponent…NOT a physical knight!" – err, I guess I should have waited for that 2nd part.

  18. Omg thank you so much for this vid I had a state championships comp and this helped me sooo much

  19. Oh I think you are usually helpful. I really appreciate the content.

  20. That is the most annoying haircut. Time to go to the barber.

  21. Viewer:Oh this vid looks interesting
    Also viewed after seeing the time:Oh shi-

  22. Online chess always bores me. I want to plat WITH someone. But nobody I know wants to play or they don't know how to.

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